Tattoo Convention and the tourism industry in Sri Lanka

As per the present day researches an uncountable sum of tourists are visiting Sri Lanka on each day with the thirst of seeking for scenic beauty and the Sri Lankan traditional digest. When it comes to the culture the tradition and the ancient history of Sri Lanka arts play a major part in each and every one's lives.

While visiting the eye-catching sights in Sri Lanka foreigners tend to see the traditional aspects and the associated articles as well. No one ever thinks how tattoo industry can transmit the Sri Lankan culture to the foreigners.

With no, any country difference with no any age gaps our guests can be accommodated in our Tattoo Studios and we can directly show what Sri Lankan arts are via Tattoos? Have you ever think of it? Never right? Well, this is the time for Sri Lanka to catch up what is missed. The foreign nationals love our alphabet, our writing, our elephants, our arts and crafts, our wood cravings and embossments, our masks, our lotus flowers, our traditional emblems our religious logos and many more.

So we can tattoo them as a souvenir to take back on their own body with the extreme satisfaction marked in their minds. However, our trial is to boost the tourism industry and bring revenue to Sri Lanka remarkably via Tattoo Industry. Nonetheless to earn but to Send Sri Lankan values to their countries with a skilled reputation.

Tattoo Paradise Vs Mystical Sri Lanka Tattoo Convention

Tattoo Paradise Sri Lanka is the pioneer of this event In the tattoo industry in Sri Lanka, Tattoo paradise is reputed as the best tattoo studio in South Asia. When we run back to the Tattoo history in Sri Lanka the history recalls the golden memories of initiating tattoo culture in Sri Lanka during the era of the 2010s.

The guidelines of a dearest father who was the same the teacher, Nirmal Ruvinda Dias, kept his first-foot print in building up a tattoo scenario in Sri Lanka with the years of research knowledge and the international expertise and exposure. His father was the backbone stood against the gigantic challenges they fought when starting the now started. However, they won the game. Today Tattoo paradise which began as the small-scale station has become the most attractive and the marvelous tattoo studio in South Asia.

Now Tattoo paradise is the one and only standard Tattoo academy in Sri Lanka too. So being the current president at Sri Lanka Tattoo Association, now Nirmal’s trial is to add Sri Lanka on the International Tattoo event calendar. In succeeding this plan of pioneering the first step is the Sri Lanka Mystical Tattoo Convention which is being scheduled to be held on 8th and 9th of coming December-2018.

Our one and only expectation as the Tattoo Paradise crew and as the Sri Lanka Mystical Tattoo convention crew is to become the most entrusted and standardized tattoo entertainment party in Sri Lanka whilst introducing the culture of Tattooing with best practices to the Sri Lankan tattoo lovers by carving Sri Lankan Identity among International Tattoo communities.