Are you ready to experience the value added services on your stay? In Sri Lanka? While enjoying the Tattoo Festival?
If yes here you go.

Tattoo Parlour

are you ready to get inked?
You can experience the reality of living arts with your own eyes on your own bodies and experience the glamour yourselves.
There will be nearly 40+ artists performing with International and local expertise
The competitions will be live and the performances will be realistic

Piercing Parlour

World recognized piercing artists will be performing their unbelievable techniques in front of your own eyes letting you seeing the art of piercing for real. Masterpieces of piercing will be displayed and will be performing the competitive piercing shows. Stay tuned to get shocked....

Fire Zone

Sri Lankan traditional fire artists will be performing at night presenting you with an unmatched experience fond of Sri Lankan cultural aspects. The zone will be an enthusiastic feeling for all the local and international guests to experience on live stages.

Tour Zone

Here you can play the latter days of your stay in our country with guest spots and tour arrangements with unexpectable rates and patronage from Tattoo Paradise crew. You can plan your tour and you can work at our studio guest spots as you prefer. This is a golden offer that you definitely need to try.

Music box

The solo bands will be performing throughout the two days mainly focussing you with heart touching Sri Lankan classical music. The singing and the instruments performances will surely add an unimaginable value on your Sri Lankan Stay

Deals Zone

Here you will see the unbelievable cultural creations with natural forms with unexpectable values, thus you can make your own deals to owe them. also here you will be able to deal with handmade valuables on unmatches prices.

Shopping Bonanza

Shopping? Not a big deal at all right? You can do your fundamental shopping while staying excited about all the live performances in the festival and you can do add all your necessities to your carts while enjoying and chilling the programme

Game Zone

While enjoying the tattoo festival you can have an opportunity to see and engage in Sri Lankan games too. Better not to read come and experience for your selves